artisti 2019

14 novembre 2018

Salonissimo 2019

From 5 to 7 April there will be Salonissimo 2019. The artists who will enliven the Festival will be the champion of the world of tango salón 2010 Sebastian jimenez with his wife Joana Gomes and the 2011 world vice-champion John Erban accompanied by the European vice champion of tango salón Francesca Del Buono.


7 gennaio 2019

Pre-evening Show

Pre-evening show Friday 5th April at 8:15 pm Tango Drops (Gocce di Tango) Five couples of dancers accompanied by the Ensemble Hyperion Orchestra BOOK NOW !

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15 novembre 2018

Mini Marathons

Small Sunday marathons waiting for Salonissimo. Next dates 23 December 2018, 17 February 2019, 17 March 2019. CLICK HERE for information