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From 2000 he became passionate and began to deepen his musical knowledge of the Argentine Tango. Since then he collects CDs and collects news on authors, composers, orchestras and tango singers. In these years he has “musicalized” in various milongas in Bari and other cities of Italy and has participated in numerous events and events outside the region such as internationally renowned dancers. Among these the Torino Tango Festival (editions 2011 and 2012), the Florence Tango Festival (editions 2010 and 2011) the Salento in Tango Festival (editions 2011 and 2012) and the Quater Tango Marathon in Naples. In March 2012 he “musicalized” in the historic Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires, during the Noche de Milonga with Los Rejes del Tango and Sabrina y Ruben Veliz.
Organizer with Tommaso Battaglia of the prestigious BARI TANGO CONGRESS


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He has been teaching Argentine tango for many years, a dancer and a DJ. He has a solid experience of about twenty years as “musicalizadora”. He has put music in the most famous Italian, Spanish and French milongas and festivals.
His teacher and example is Felix PICHERNA.
Organizer of the regular Milonga: the “YUMBA” of Nice (since 2004) and of the NIZZA TANGO FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL.Organizzatrice with Tommaso Battaglia of the prestigious BARI TANGO CONGRESS


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Originally from Parque Patricios, a historic tango neighborhood in Buenos Aires, as well as a relative of the great dancer Carlos Gavito. Ballerina and tango teacher for many years, she regularly performs in the best milongas in Northern Italy.